Every spectator is a plotter

Here is an interesting tid bit. I was going to write about Dada. The non-art form that has given rise to so much of the current forms of art, including surrealism and ironic post-modernist.

Part of the problem is most of the images from the great Dada artists are in private collections and, therefore, cannot be displayed in a venue such as a blog. Because it is owned. By someone who paid a lot of money to an art dealer (because most of the original artists are now dead) or auction house.

So I can’t put in, say, one of Duchamp’s most famous pieces, LHOOQ (roughly translates as, fire down below or, in modern parlance, a hot babe).

Or anything by Man Ray, especially not a woman with Hair…Long Hair…

 Or a portrait of Elizabeth the 1st by the  Mama of Dada, Beatrice Wood, who said “chocolate and young men” kept her going…

Too bad. Because Dada has led to so much of today’s art. Even though most of the Dadaist’s would consider a lot of today’s work as pretentious, effete and, well, rule bound–even if the rule is to mock the conventions.

If you have to explain it, it isn’t Dada.

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