October 12, 2020

So, just ‘cause it is officially Thanksgiving, Canadian version, here are 3 things I am grateful to have in my life. 

1. Breathing. I can breathe. It is not possible to have chalked up these many years walking the earth without having had a cold or some other affliction that made the simple act of taking in a breath very difficult. It is not over-rated at all. So today, not just because of the virus, I am thankful for breathing. 

2. I live in Canada. Yeah, wave the flag, blow the trumpets. Understand I am not a raver/patriot/my-country-is-the-best type of person. There are many countries in the world in which I would happily cement my barnacle to a rock and live out my days. This is a country of freedoms and recognition of the responsibilities that go with those freedoms. We don’t live in pursuit of happiness, we pursue peace, order and good government. Happiness is a by-product. 

3. A roof over my head. I am warm and dry and there is food in my pantry. For many people that is the very definition of a paradise they dream of achieving. I landed in it without even trying or being aware of what a blessing that truly is.

I am sure I have written these very things down before as gratitudes. Many times, in fact, and each time is as true as the others. I hope I never lose sight of just how important these things are and that I never fail to take time to be grateful.

This is important. Especially at this time of uncertainty, of so many people experiencing loss. The antidote to those who exploit fear, use it to divide families, friends and neighbours for their personal gain is to hold even more tightly to the bonds we share

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