Stuttering is Cool and so is Daniele Rossi

You may have noticed a new header image atop the blog…the River Nymph is in the wings replaced by a much more appropriate representation of donkeys sounding the alarm.

So cool. Thank you Dani. Check out his podcast and webpage Stuttering is cool He’s even written a book complete with illustrations of the iconic Franky Banky.

All in all, he is the kinda guy anyone would be chuffed to call friend. And have coffee with anytime I’m in Toronto. Which I do because he still doesn’t believe me when I say there is a world beyond the borders of the Big Smoke…


(I’m having some kinda wetware technical issue impeding a link to the page with Danni’s book so here it is spelled out for ya… And the link works…insert shrug emoji/old lady emoji/live long and prosper emoji here)

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