Gratitudes 2014…really, it’s been that long?

Img0296I admit it, this is going to be one of those contrived list type posts because I am sick of seeing Paul Simon’s face here. I mean, don’t get me wrong, obviously I love his music but 7 months is a bit much. So, falling back on a standby, just to get the gears grinding again, I thought I’d go over some gratitudes. 5 of them. Because I like the number 5, he’s a great guy and one of these days will strike off on his own, free from that nagging 3.  Ooops, that was my outside voice, wasn’t it? 

 #1. Blue. Colours in general are wonderful things. Every day science and marketing research are finding out more about how they affect our emotions, thought patternsP1030020 and appetite. Some colours stimulate the appetite but also increase agitation so pay attention to the most frequently used colours in fast food places. They want you to order fries with that but, once you’re done, you’re done. Now get out.  

Blue is part of a sunny day, the beach, a walk through the woods, getting off a ride at Disneyland.  In my  memories there are so many different shades of blue, like that special inside a house blue light of winter at twilight. There’s the blue of the hospital gown with someone very new to the world lying against it. As they wheeled us back to our room, we got parked in the glass walled passage between delivery and maternity. The sun was shining, bright across her face and the blue cotton.

I love blue. 

P1030029 #2. Cats  Not because there are a million pictures of cute or grumpy or cute and grumpy cats in boxes, on cupboards, on dogs. Just because cats pretend they don’t need us but still hang around because we happen to have warm laps and kibble. There are a lot of reasons to not like cats: they are killing machines, they deliberately pee on things, they try to kill you when you’re walking down the stairs with a basket of laundry and they pee on things. Yes, I did but once you’ve had a cat you’ll understand why it’s worth mentioning twice. 

They stay with us even though they don’t have to. I guess that’s why I like them because they’re with me because they want to be and I have kibble.  

#3. Tea. I just heard my dear Mr. Mark’s molars develop another crack. I love all kinds of tea: black, green, herbal, barks and berries. Black tea brewed till it coats the teapot, with milk and sugar was mom’s cure all for my nightmares, uppy tummy and why does my sister hate me times. In the middle of the night, as soon as she heard the whimpering P1030023start, she’d stumble into the kitchen, put the kettle on, then come and sit on my bed. She was always torn between her ‘don’t be silly’ upbringing and that natural ache God blessed moms with. That was in her hand, brushing my hair back and holding my hand while I sat up and blew on a warm cup of comfort with milk and sugar.  With a tummy full of sweet, a kiss on my forehead and ready to sleep.

I can drink it black now or with just milk but I’ll never ever taste tea like that again. I guess that’s why I keep trying so many of them. 

 #4. Tissues – kleenix we call them in Canada. Today I seem to like them a lot as I’ve got a few crumpled up on the desk. I’ve even been known to stuff one in my sleeve (come on, admit it, you’ve done it too). 

 #5. Patience. Not mine because I really don’t have any. Just ask my dear Mr. Mark when he has to rescue the computer from my frustration:  ‘enter, enter, enter….damm it, …. Enter….it doesn’t work….why doesn’t it work …. Enter enter enter…..escape escape…that spinning wheel thing….Dear, it won’t let me force quit…force quit…force quit….it’s not working….’ He’s the one with the patience and that I am still living here is proof of it.  A lot. I wouldn’t put up with me some days but he keeps coming home.

 Maybe that’s what I’m really thankful for.P1030028

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