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My sister-in-law worked in the provincial government, in branch known as “Elections BC”. One of her co-workers was an asian immigrant. Despite it being a relatively small office and everyone supposedly shared the reception duties, guess who ended up most often answering the phones…

Seems an appropriate lead in for the topic where most of us feel totally screwed.  But not me. I love politics and elections and look forward to the whole spectacle much the way most people anticipate a day at the zoo or watching their little brother get caught with his hand in mom’s purse.

which way to the debate?

There is a lot of complaining about the expense and bother of an election. You only have to look at other countries, however, to see that the expense is pretty minimal compared to the cost of a huge military superstructure to keep the people free from having to mark a ballot every few years.  Or the cost of a full time secret police force well trained in methods of persuading the population elections are a reason to be very, very afraid.

You talking to me, mr. punk?

What bothers me most about the current situation in Canada is that we need to understand a few basics of the parliamentary system rather than accept the ideas creeping into popular politico speak from south of the border. It is especially important considering one of the leaders of the main parties seeking power is particularly fond of adopting southern ways of thinking. Oddly enough, it isn’t the fellow who spent several years actually living under that system.

well, let me think about that, pilgrim

When there are complaints about our country having too many elections due to a run of minority governments, it shows a lack of understanding about our system. Simply put, in a parliamentary system, the only way we really have any check on the ruling party is to have sufficient bums across the floor to muster a non-confidence vote.  There is no Prime Ministerial veto or Senatorial veto to provide any brake on a party with the whip hand.

When our current Prime Minister talks about the threat of a coalition conspiracy he is, in fact, mongering fear about the democratic process as it is spoke in Canada. A majority government is not a strong government, it is a term mandated dictatorship.

That really is all I have to say on the topic right now. Learn the issues and meet your local candidates. Don’t have unrealistic expectations about what they can do but don’t believe everything they say, either.

In the meantime, enjoy the show, we are paying for it, after all. And there are a hell of a lot of people out there who wish they had problems like having to vote.

If you experience an election lasting more than 4 hours, please consult a physician…


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